Wood Block Scone

  • Winter 2015
  • Craft Project
  • LED Wall Scone and Lamp

There are lots of wood block lamp projects on the internet but I tried to make mine different by using laminated construction and up & down firing LED scone lights.

The laminated oak gives it a unique ‘end-grain’ look and is much more stable than a solid block of pine. Pine dries and cracks and might even warp making the lamp wobbly in 10-15 years. The laminated oak is much more stable as well as being a hard wood.

The back side reveals a large cavity for the LED driver and wires. This cavity was created by making a cutout in the middle laminations which saved a lot of time rather than milling out the cavity.

Here you can see the simple 12 volt ‘LED dome’ lights in the top and bottom. I milled out the round hole deep enough to fit a M11 connector so the dome light is plug-n-play replaceable.

I made a few more with scone lights to give to friends as gifts. Each one sporting a vintage style LED COB lamp that draws a mere 12 watts of power.

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