Ghost Room Marketing

  • Primacoustic Marketing
  • Fall 2009
  • SketchUp Pro

Problem: how to picture a product designed to blend into a room decor. This was a primary problem when introduced the London Room Kit. A kit designed to tune room acoustics using fireproof fabric covered rigid fiberglass panels. Because the kit contains panels intended to mount on all four walls it proved difficult to show the customer just what they were getting. Photographs of the actual panels installed in a room could only ever show two walls. Primacoustic needed a single image that quickly conveyed what was included in the kit.

To accomplish this I designed this graphic I called the ‘ghost room’. The ideal was to depict the product position inside a simple room with minimal details. The single graphic contains not only quantity but recommended installation information at a glance.

The graphic is used on the London Room Kit web pages and is featured predominantly on the shipping box. The Ghost Room became the best standard for depicting the box contents in a quick and informative way.

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